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Frank Network specialize in providing Network solutions to residential

customers, businesses, schools and other organizations throughout

the U.S. Our solution recommendations are determined after a custom

analysis of your needs, and with your budget in mind. What's more,

these solutions are flexible to grow with your company, organization

or personal requirements.

Frank Network  has the expertise in Network Consulting, network Services and

IT security for Education, Businesses, Home Offices and residential Users.

Outsource your IT support to Frank Network today, saving your company time and money by

utilizing our expert advice and services.

"Our aim is to be there when others won't and you need help most, to be affordable when others

aren't and to offer an unmatched level of service that makes you come back to us again and again"

Network Consulting, Services, Maintenance, Training, Upgrades and Component Sales these are

just some of the areas of IT we cover.

Frank Network Consulting can provide:

  1. -Requirement Analysis

  2. -Planning, Design, Configuration and Troubleshooting

  3. -Help-desk Support

  4. -Network Operation Center (NOC) Support

  5. -IT Support Analysis

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